Our goals

MOGA stands for a Model for Early Education, Care and Active Participation. Introduced by the Health and Social Development Foundation (HESED), this innovative approach to Roma community development aims to improve parental care during the critical period of early childhood.

More competent parents

We work with parents comprehensively and on a long-term basis so that they can provide quality care to their children.

More successful and healthy children

We foster children's development and increase school readiness through daily activities.

A more active and capable community

We empower the community in support of early childhood development and influence the existing values.

A main goal of the project is to gather and present empirical evidence for the effectiveness of the MOGA model.

At the end of the project, a report will be published with data on the impact of the model on children's development and parental progress in terms of parenting capacity, value orientations, social skills, employment and civic participation.


Fakulteta Neighbourhood in Sofia


April 2021 - April 2024


At least 168 parents and 84 children


The project "MOGA - Model for Early Education, Care and Active Participation" is implemented with financial support in the amount of 134 thousand euros, provided by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Financial Mechanism. The main goal of the project "MOGA - Model for Early Education, Care and Active Participation" is to gather empirical evidence for the successful increase of parental capacity and the direct impact of MOGA on child care, overall children's development and other areas of public importance for parents - employment and civic participation.  



Since its establishment in 1998 the Health and Social Development Foundation (HESED) has developed and introduced a new approach to successfully integrate the Roma community in Bulgaria.

HESED has four community centres MIR and the MOGA Project takes place in the biggest MIR Centre, located in the Sofia neighbourhood of Fakulteta.

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70 Tsaribrodska Street, office 4, Sofia 1309, Bulgaria

tel: +359 2 851 81 08

MIR Centre - Fakulteta Neighbourhood

137 В Suhodolska Street, Sofia 1373, Bulgaria

tel: +359 888 95 62 74